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About us

Our curriculum is unique as we have the flexibility to tailor the individual student’s program to achieve his or her goals while including the proper technique, choreography, and history of the genre while remaining age appropriate. TDA is unique because of our flexibility to work with each student based on their needs and what they want to achieve. Many schools are very rigid on what classes you have to take if you want to be in competition or to do a certain class. TDA is much more flexible while still being able to produce great dancers. Our faculty and staff maintain a positive, stress-free atmosphere at all times that children feel included and enjoy themselves. We treat each student with respect and as an individual. In return, we expect students to show respect to every faculty and staff member. As part of their dance education, many students at The Dance Academy will have the opportunity to participate in some of the finest and most challenging dance competitions in the country through our TDA Dance Company. At the Dance Academy, we focus on: Proper technique Conditioning Terminology History of Dance The following classes are offered at various age and ability levels at The Dance Academy: Ballet Tap Jazz Acrobatics Pointe Contemporary Hip Hop Stretch and Turns Progressions